Saturday, 16 October 2010

Avon committed to delivering great quality beauty products at fabulous prices right to your door..

Ladies and Gents I don't know about you but when ever I need some beauty products and head in to town to search for them I often feel overwhelmed by the mass variety of products available on the market today.

I get into the shops and never know which one is good for my skin type or which product will suit me or not.

Lately I discovered Avon make up range and beauty products and was surprised not only by the quality of the products but utterly astounded by the price, not to mention the fabulous range of special offers and free gifts!!! What was great too was they catered not only for men with an amazing range of scents and quality products but They even cater for the kids with great novelty gifts...ranging from Ben 10 to Disney princess

For the Men

Great Kids Novelty named Gifts.


I was so impressed by the brochure and the quality of products when they were delivered that I decided to become committed in to letting other women and also men know about Avon range of beauty products.

Avon Range of cosmetics

I now rep for Avon in Carlisle and am committed to bringing good quality products to the homes of many.

However putting a brochure through doors are not always the best way to tell people about fabulous unmissable offers as people are often maybe to busy or not particularly looking or possible assume the products are not great and perhaps they may assume there rep may let them down.

Fear not though this blog will discuss and evaluate products from Avon from customers who have ordered to assure potential customers that there is such a thing as beauty on a budget.....
Avon calling